Attainment, resilience and agility for private and international schools in the Gulf.

How to plan for outstanding leadership, teaching and wellbeing.

Our 3 Conference Streams, 10th & 11th November 2020

Leadership & Management
New skills and strategies for leading and engaging with a new world ripe for innovation, empathy and creativity

Leadership, resilience and agility

A conference for principals, CEOs, Heads and their supporting staff at Gulf international schools

8 case study presentations, 6 roundtable discussions and 2 workshops

Teaching & Learning
Techniques for teaching and raising attainment in new blended learning classrooms

Teaching tools to excel in blended learning environments and for raising maths and science attainment

A conference for teachers plus learning and curriculum leaders at Gulf international schools

8 case study presentations, 6 roundtable discussions and 2 workshops

Wellbeing & Inclusion
Assessing and improving student mental health and whole school inclusion

Whole school mental wellbeing and inclusion

A conference for pastoral leaders, counselors, teachers, inclusion leaders and SEN-Coordinators

8 case study presentations, 6 roundtable discussions and 2 workshops

Why Us, Why Now?

Outstanding Schools Middle East brings international schools from the Gulf together at a defining moment in the development of their learning institutions. Enormous opportunities lie ahead for the most flexible and innovative schools to create healthy, happy and future-ready graduates. In such exciting and turbulent times, never has it been more important to connect and learn from each other’s experiences.

Thank you to the 70 principals and teachers across the Gulf that took part in the research to put this programme together and who reconfirmed our belief in the necessity to connect and learn together at this time. Whether you are a principal looking to better manage stakeholder relationships in your new role as community leader, a teacher looking for blended learning tips for your newly reopened classroom or a head of inclusion looking to advance whole-school thinking, we have listened to your priorities.

The Outstanding Schools Middle East Conference is brought to you by the UK’s premium schools’ events producer, Inside Government. This pioneering two-day, three-stream, virtual conference will address the themes of Leadership & Management, Teaching & Learning, and Wellbeing & Inclusion, pivotal to school excellence. Delivered on a premium online event platform, explore resilience, innovation, and empathy for International and Private Schools in the Middle East.

Skills & Knowledge for School Staff

All Inside Government conferences are Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified. Signed certificates are available upon request. Outstanding Schools Middle East delivers over 50 hours of CPD certified content.

Inside Government is the largest events producer for schools in the UK, producing highly targeted, content-rich CPD conferences, trainings, and forums. The launch of Outstanding Schools Middle East comes at a time when meaningful, engagement-rich events are most needed. Using a superior virtual platform delivering interactive, dynamic content, together with unrivalled networking functionalities, we provide a cutting-edge online learning solution, bringing the world to International and Private Schools in the Gulf.




Roundtable Discussions




Case Studies


Panel Discussions

Qualified Networking

Attend our hourly social functions, lean on our AI assistant for meetings or DIY with our filtering tools. Schools come to Outstanding Schools to connect; no more isolation.

Interactive Learning

All our formats demand class participation. Case studies serve to inspire but the real learning comes from doing. Our events break out regularly and are led by moderators with decades of practical experience and a strong passion for collaboration and exchange. Our conversations are 2 way; no more broadcasting.

Dynamic Content

Delivery depends on variety, jumping across 5 formats over the course of minutes to keep the ideas fresh and the networking surprising. Video debates, live presentations, panel discussions, roundtables and workshops to keep you entertained live or at your own pace. Our content stimulates and engages; no more webinars.

Previous Attendee Testimonials

"I came away from the event not only with enriched sense of what character education looks like but also of why it is so important to teach in schools. Great speakers and positive experience all round."
- Sevenoaks School
"This was an excellent event. It gave me lots to think about and lots of practical ideas. I was inspired and wanted to get on with implementing all that I had heard. There was a good range of speakers that were knowledgeable in their field."
- Bede Academy (All-Through Academy)
"Excellent event, gave me reassurance that we are not alone and most people are in the same boat. Some useful ideas to take away and think about."
- Kennedy School Academy
"This was an excellent and must-attend event. Presenters were relevant and gave useful information."
- Oasis Community Learning
"It was one of the best conferences I ever attended, with a variety of speakers and a range of case studies; very focused on practicalities."
- Wellspring Academy Trust
“Great opportunity to gain insight into the current status of teacher training programmes, hear about best practice and network with colleagues.”
- Headington School
“Very informative and very useful. The sharing of good practice and successful case studies was the most valuable time spent on the day.”
- Great Sankey High School
“Being new to the role of SENDCO the conference allowed me to meet other people in the same role as me, as well as inspiring and informative presentations that gave me a lot to go away and think about. The examples of best practice were very useful in allowing me to see the possibilities that lay ahead of me and challenging me to provide the best possible support for my students.”
- London Enterprise Academy
“The SEND Conference was a wonderful opportunity to get an in-depth insight into the role of SENCOs in schools, the various needs of students and the different ways in which the school community can support them and their families.”
- New Wave Federation
“Excellent speakers with insightful information throughout. Brilliant ideas to trial with students and constantly keep the passion going.”
- Plume Academy
“Superb. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative, good resources and great networking opportunities.”
- Rushey Mead Academy
“Excellent event. Knowledgeable and innovative speakers with a wealth of experience. Very professional.”
- Selson High School