3 Conference Streams, 10th & 11th November 2020

Leadership & Management
8 case study presentations, 6 roundtable discussions and 2 workshops

This 2 day conference focuses on improving the capabilities and the capacity of school managers and principals to lead.

School leaders and principals have been asked to play entirely new roles in 2020 as caretakers, counselors and medical advisors. We dedicate 2 full conference days to look at the soft skills and hard strategies required to thrive in this new environment, from stakeholder engagement to lean resource management, from building brilliant brands to effective recruitment and training.

All of this content is relevant to principals, the majority is also useful for board members, school heads and non-academic support and operational staff, such as marketing and HR.

This conference will take place in a 100% virtual format and has been designed with virtual in mind from the outset with interactive content, online round-tables, workshops and plenty of networking opportunities with both speakers and fellow delegates. We will be utilising our virtual events partner swapcard to ensure delegates receive an outstanding virtual events provider

Teaching & Learning
8 case study presentations, 6 roundtable discussions and 2 workshops

This 2 day conferences is focused on supporting teachers with practical tools and templates on how to improve their 50 minute lesson plans, student attainment and their application of knowledge.

Day One focuses on blended learning tips and classroom tools. As schools switch from 100% remote to various degrees of hybrid and blended learning, we commit to providing case studies, tips and techniques that enhance teaching in these new contexts. From simple tricks around adding and managing video and group work to your lessons all the way through to lab rotation and double flipping your classroom. We use a mix a case studies and practical workshops to ensure the day is useful, inspiring and accessible for all teachers and Directors of Learning.

Day Two promises to provide schools with the methods needed to raise attainment in maths and sciences across CAT4, TIMSS, PISA, GCSE, A-Level, IB, DP or whichever curricula your school follows. We look at evidence-based approaches as well as focus on their ability to apply knowledge in innovative ways to new thinking in engineering, technology and alongside 21st century skills.

Wellbeing & Inclusion
8 case study presentations, 6 roundtable discussions and 2 workshops

This 2 day focuses on the pastoral support for the student body.

The first day looks at mental wellbeing; How can returning students be effectively assessed, data collected and personal wellbeing plans put in place? We discuss issues such as identifying and managing trauma, adding wellbeing to the curriculum, the impact of removing homework, personalising pastoral care and other techniques designed to develop a healthy, practical and happily functioning school community.

The second is dedicated to inclusion strategy and provision for students of determination in international schools in the Middle East. We look at techniques to better identify and intervene in early years, develop personalised provision plans, remove barriers to admission, empower inclusion leaders within their school communities, training all staff for a whole school approach and recruiting to support multiple nationalities, cultures and complex needs.

For more information on any of the agendas, please get in touch via enquiries@outstandingschoolsme.com